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Joy, the Giraffe, and Me

So what the heck happened to this blog? Where did it go? Like old friends and favorite stories, Tan/Green is often on my mind – even if I don’t do anything about it. I started this blog as a way to fulfill my need to write. And because I had so much to say about […]

Our Early Christmas

Christmas indeed came early! We received wonderful news for Gabriel at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. While his left eye is in stage 4 (of 5) of Coats Disease, his right eye appears disease free! Truly, we thanked God. We also thank our doctor and all of the wonderful people in our life praying for and […]

Gabriel Update

It took longer to have something to update you on in regards to Gabriel than I anticipated! Our marvelous local medical team helped us work through some red tape involved with being referred out of network/out of state and we were able to finally see Dr. Lee on December 2. He and his staff run […]

Children’s Eye Exams, and Photos, Matter: Gabriel’s story

Last Friday we took the boys to the ophthalmologist. Often young children do not get eye exams. For us, years ago, Dante showed signs that his droopy eyelid was interfering with his vision, or so I thought. Turned out the droopy eyelid would at some point play into his vision but at 9 months he […]

To Tell the Truth

Lying has become common place and largely accepted. I hate this – lying sad and repugnant. Seems like a strong statement but it is true. When I hear in the news about politics, business, religious leaders and (of less concern but perhaps bigger influence) celebrities, lies are used freely under the euphemisms of forgotten facts […]