Recommended Reading, 07.25.11

Installment two of Recommended Reading…hope something strikes your fancy…


“10 Reasons to Not Use Your Dishwasher” (Life…Your Way)

I find truth in the reasons written about here.  We use the dishwasher for our plates, glasses and silverware and hand wash the rest…because invariably the tool I wanted was always in the washer…

“5 Steps to Create a New Habit” (zenhabits)

This related well to some off-line reading I have been doing and echos a long held belief that the more I can do through (good!) habit the easier everyday routines are.

“Gardening Without Plastic Part Three: Mulching and Watering” (My Plastic Free Life”

Including this because the part about drinking from a hose got me thinking (we do a lot of that here) and to introduce you to Beth Terry at My Plastic Free Life – she goes though amazing hoops to life plastic free and it is fascinating to learn where plastic lurks.

Wish I had a post with a “one” in the title to complete my inadvertant countdown…but I don’t!  If you have one please add it to the comments!

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