Naptime Surprise

Pumpkin has been resisting his naps of late.  He rests peacefully in his crib playing his music box or a lovey for 15 minutes or so then the plaintive crying starts.  Slow and low moving to more aggravated and loud.  Then the final death wails before succumbing to sleep.  This is how things were in our house Saturday morning at about 11am.  On a good day after about 15 more minutes the actual nap kicks in and we are in for about an hour of sleep for our precious Pumpkin-head.  Saturday though he was still crying after 25 minutes.  Lily, our Dachshund, was sitting outside his door looking from the door to Spouse and me in our office/guest room/storage area.  There was no nap in site – and we were planning an outing to Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat (more about that in the next post).  So I approach Pumpkin’s door.

And I am struck by an odor.

Sure this has happened before but this was STRONG.  No wonder he was upset.  I crack open the door.  I am nearly overpowered.

In slow motion I take in the details…what goes through my mind:

Wow, that is strong.

What’s up with his hair?

Is that poop on his leg?  Oh he must have had a blow out.

Is that poop on the mattress?

Is he NOT wearing a diaper???

What comes out of my mouth: “Oh.  My God.”

Spouse comes up behind me at his point, having sensed something was amiss.  He starts laughing.  I start laughing.  Pumpkin stops crying and starting laughing.  It was awful.  IT was everywhere – on the wall, on the crib, on Pumpkin from head-to-toe.

I had put Pumpkin down to nap in a pajama top and diaper.  There was no protective barrier between Pumpkin and his nappy.  He has never shown an interest in them or attempted to get in his diaper.  Maybe he got the mechanics down on his first try?  We will never know.  Though today he was in a similar pajama top and diaper as we prepared for a bath and as Pumpkin turned I saw that the lining caught the diaper tab and opened up his diaper.  The diaper was hence very easy to remove.  I am, in retrospect, thinking this is what happened.  The diaper we found at the scene was virtually clean.  Up until this point, I’m not sure Pumpkin fully realized just what happens in his diapers.  He seemed caught by surprise – and he clearly wasn’t enjoying his predicament.

There was a certain “train wreck” quality to the whole affair – it was horrible, but funny.  Nothing good to look at but we couldn’t look away for a minute.  I think part of that was deciding on a plan of attack.  Spouse and I were not interested in wearing poop – and there weren’t many clean places to grab Pumpkin or anything else that had been near him.

Here’s the TanGreen upside – we swung into action with all natural, non-toxic supplies and came out with a clean bedroom, clean linens and clean baby in a pretty short amount of time.

Baby:  Scrubbed top to bottom – behind the ears and between the toes – with Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap in Tea Tree.  Tea tree oil has natural antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties.  Toxic when ingested in sufficient quantity, and very strong, I would not keep undiluted tea tree oil accessible to children or use it without straight.  But in soap, its properties ensure that our contaminated baby came out of the shower squeaky clean and disinfected. In general I do think we overuse antibacterials but I think it was warranted for this event.  Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree also works well as a deodorant soap as it cleans away the bacteria causing odor as well.  Luckily Pumpkin was pretty much a one step detox – Spouse found the clean spots first so he took Pumpkin to the showers.  I stayed behind to survey the damage to the bedroom.

Bedroom, part I: Normally I love the dry environment of the desert.  In this case, I was surprised just how dried and stuck the matter had become in such a short period.  I grabbed my handy cleaning caddy and got to work.  I first donned my rubber gloves, gathered a half a dozen or so rags and secured the dogs far away from the scene.  I remembered immediately why I use Seventh Generation’s Multisurface Disinfecting Spray.  I sprayed the whole room…or I got pretty close.  Every rail of the crib, the floor under and surrounding the crib (a 2’ radius seemed sufficient) and the wall got scrubbed with rags and a toothbrush (an old one, of course, I keep a few on hand so that they can be used up – this event qualified that brush as “used up”).  As I was cleaning I thought about Pumpkin chewing on the crib rail – I hoped like heck he hadn’t tried that this day.  But I was happy to know that once dried my 7G cleaner would pose no additional health risks.  And it loosened everything quickly and effectively.  For a moment I suspected a product failure, but realized that had been scrubbing at a natural variation in the grain of the wood.  I had a little tunnel vision going, apparently.

Bedroom, part II: The laundry went straight to the washer with a lot of 7G detergent, hot water, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.  Between the hot water, the vinegar and the H2O2, all the germs and the ickiness factor were washed away.  To boot there were no stains.  None.  Given that the day’s blankie was white with a little bit of baby blue pattern I was pretty pleased. Although I have to say that over and over again hydrogen peroxide and hot water have impressed me with their winning ways.

About 30 minutes later baby and bedroom had been stripped down, scrubbed and reassembled.  And just in time, too.  Pumpkin needed a nap.  Actually, we all needed a nap.

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A transplant to Las Vegas from New England, I am a first time mom with a full time job and deep hope that I can keep my family a little on the granola side even in this fast food world. My husband, son, two dachshunds and I are here making our way in the suburban desert.

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  1. I think it’s a parental right of passage to go through this. Xander went through a ‘painting’ phase – worst month of motherhood! The final solution (after many different failed ideas) was to cut the feet off of zip-up pajamas and put them on backwards.

    Hopefully, this was just a one-time experiment at your house – and just onesies will do the trick!

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